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Entry #1

GREETINGS!, And a hearty hewwo to all :3~

2014-03-07 13:35:41 by TH-J

Hey!, the names Tristan (But you can just call me TH-J *also my initials*), I honestly dont know a pickle about how the comunity works around here but i figured i would just dive right in. For the past four years ago or so i have been composing and producing and honestly its just become my passion, i've already been going on soundcloud for about a year or so now gathering 1,000 followers or so...and then i rememeberd 'this' old place...To fill you in a little all throughout my childhood i've been coming on and off here, and it actually became quite a large part of it and inspired me in the future to perhaps get into one of these outlets of UGC (Which i never did until now). Personally, i just want to get down with the comunity a bit and share my music with you guys :3, i just figured it was fitting i joined here as the nostalgia bomb went yeah...hai :3~


Tristan Holmes-Jefferd (TH-J)


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2014-03-07 16:36:21

You sound cool :3

(Updated ) TH-J responds:

Yey!, im the sauceumist of sauceum :3~